Hytek Marketing was developed back in 1987 to provide business in the electrical and furniture industry and alternative to the expense of setting up a state office in WA. It is still a successful sales model today, and it has been adapted to suit the changing market.

The Hytek team is a group of highly respected professionals that are motivated to deliver sales growth. Our success is largely due to our relationships with industry leaders and decision makers in multiple industries.

We have forged successful long term partnerships with many brands, and continue to such as Whirlpool, Philips, Hitachi, Black & Decker. These relationships have stood the test of time because we have performed for these organisations whilst being adaptable and flexible to changing market conditions for several decades. We have also worked with global blue chip brands such as Telstra Technologies, Compaq, Carrier and Kenwood Electronics.




With global retail chain stores entering the Australian market, online driving down prices and economic challenges, retail and wholesale industries constantly have to adapt to deliver competitive options to consumers. Hytek are able to develop and deliver an effective sales strategy to like minded companies who see a strong future in the Australian marketplace.

Our business is based in Western Australia but has the capability to provide services in other states or nationally and we wish to explore both national based and state based opportunities.

The key issue for us is working with people within the businesses who share a similar vision. In tough markets, productivity is the key outcome required with profitable results. These are the businesses we can share a long term future with. If your organization is seeking a solution in these key areas go to the Contact page. Please leave your details and we will be delighted to talk with you.


I’ve known Les McCarthy for 15 years, both professionally and personally.

His reputation for honesty, integrity and a high standard of service to his customers is unimpeachable and second to none.

Les has a strong sense of community. To my certain knowledge, he has helped many individuals and sporting and charity groups over a sustained period of time, without the expectation of kudos or personal recognition. I regard him as a pillar of business in WA.

Chris Wharton, Chief Executive Officer, Seven West Media WA