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Carrier Air Conditioning

Carrier is one of the world’s leaders in air conditioning solutions.

  • GOAL To establish brand and distribution within Retravision’s 52 stores with sales to exceed $3m in year one.
  • Method Sell out plan was presented with promotional concepts, tying to achieve a commitment for a minimum of four models per store to be ranged. A brand launch was conducted at a state meeting along with the promotional plan, sell out plan and consumer initiatives.
  • Outcome An opening order of $4.2m was secured and the eventual figure exceeded $5m in sales in year one.


As a long time partner spanning 20 years with Hytek Marketing I would recommend their organisation to anyone looking to further their sales in the West Australian marketplace.
Over that time they have consistently delivered me outstanding results, always above their market share and have continually been on the front foot creating their own sales opportunities. Versatile across a number of industries their core competency, selling, puts them in good standing to deliver for any product.
Hytek are an experienced company with good relationships, great staff and a desire to achieve sales targets second to none. Good people to have on your team.

Stephen Hunter Owner Appliance Pro; ,ex Whirlpool and Carrier NSM 0418 992 044