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Retravision and Whirlpool

A retail group based initiative to drive Whirlpool sales within the Retravision group of retail outlets, with steep sales and distribution goals.

  • GOAL To double the Whirlpool sales within Retravision in conjunction with increasing floor distribution of all models by 30% over a six month period.
  • Method We gave away a 320i BMW motor vehicle to the best performing store over budget for the six months. We gave weekly sales updates to all stores to fill out percentage versus budget. We implemented an extensive media programme and held regular training sessions for staff and targeted each store with a floor distribution target.
  • Outcome We exceeded sales by 163% during the promotional period. We increased floor distribution by 51% and enjoyed a new level of sales and performance which established the Whirlpool brand as a major partner of the Retravision group for a further 18 years.


To Whom It May Concern,
I have known Les McCarthy for almost 30 years.
As a marketing person, I had always admired Les for his enthusiasm, drive and commitment to achieve his goals. In my view, Hytek was always going to be successful with Les driving the ship.
Hytek was responsible for one of the biggest sales promotion ever seen in electrical retailing in Western Australia.
And “smash” it did. During the period of the 6 month promotion Whirlpool sales figures more than doubled.
I would recommend Hytek Marketing to any manufacturer, wholesaler or service provider who wants a provider sales organisation as a business partner.

Craig Billings Managing Director – PH: 0418 904 321